Food labeling training course in Barcelona

Food labeling training course in Barcelona

The current regulation establishes that all foods destined to the final consumer, including those delivered by the communities and those intended for supply to collectivities, must contain labels that offer the truth about the product and do not mislead the consumer. They must not disguise their nature, identity, qualities, composition, quantity, duration, origin or provenance and their method of manufacture or production, nor should they attribute to the product effects or properties it does not possess or suggest that the product possesses unique characteristics when in fact similar products also have them.

Food labelling training course features

The food labeling training course at SAIA follows a completely updated program with a high practical content, taught by highly qualified professionals with experience in this sector.

Start dateTo be agreed with the interested company
Duration (in hours)To be agreed with the interested company
Teaching methodIn a classroom
TeacherMarta Trias
Who it is addressed toAny person who, through his work, has direct contact with food during its preparation, manufacture, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, sale, supply and service.
PriceRequest price

Goals and program of the food labeling training course

  • Labeling regulations (legal framework, regulations, types of foods to be labeled, label information and format, allergic ingredients and examples and data sheet)

Official certificate valid throughout Spain

With the food labeling training course offered by SAIA, workers will obtain the certificate that complies with current regulations as established in Royal Decree 126/2015, relating to food information provided to the consumer.

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