Food safety compliance counseling

At SAIA, we offer our customers updated information on current legal provisions affecting their product, their labeling and advertising, their production and warehousing facilities, their transportation and their control, as well as any legislative changes that may be published. This is a simple way to keep to the strict minimum the reading and the interpretation of the different laws that are constantly passed.

The European 'hygiene package'

The food legislation applicable in Spanish industries and in food-related enterprises comes mainly from European bodies, and is common to the rest of the European Union. The bulk of this legislation is often known as the 'hygiene package', a legislative framework consisting of regulations and directives for food production and food safety within the EU, which emphasize both the food products safety and the adequate consumer information.

Did you know that...?

Sanctions for non-compliance with the legal requirements demanded can range from 5,000 euros to 600 million euros, and even lead to temporary or permanent closure of businesses, depending on the damage caused in health, benefit obtained or intentionality with the non-compliance, as well as seriousness or recidivism in the misfunction.

Food safety compliance aims to protect the consumer from:

  • Health risks from unsafe food products
  • Fraud, adulteration, etc., which affect the quality of these products

The company: responsible for compliance with current regulations

All companies that handle food or water for consumption, such as the food industry, catering and retailers, need to be up to date with current regulations for their compliance, as they are responsible to the law for any damage caused by their non-compliance. That is why it is important that they get advice in food legislation, either by their own means or with external support.

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