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Food safety analysis

At SAIA, one of our main services is food safety analysis, that is, a systematic review of all procedures in the food chain to assess whether current regulations and quality standards that can add value to the company are being applied or not.

How do we conduct a food safety analysis?

Real case: Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL in Barcelona

Analysis can be conducted before the elaboration of an HACCP plan, immediately after to validate it, or after some time to verify if it is being correctly implemented. Watch the video of a real case of a customized audit for the Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL in Barcelona.

1. Food safety diagnosis analysis

We observe all the food chain procedures and we produce complete reports (with photograph, score, comparative graphs, etc.) that indicate to our client the starting point it finds itself. From this analysis, we will set an objective and a path to achieve it, by means of the design of a comprehensive food hygiene plan, which adequate to the characteristics, needs and infrastructure of the client. This plan will be accompanied by an implementation schedule, with the number of planned monitoring visits, and what these will consist of.

Before starting to implement the plan, we try to get maximum involvement from the staff, presenting to them the results of the diagnostic food audit, introducing them into the HACCP work system and informing them about the implementation schedule.

Auditoría alimentaria de diagnóstico

2. Validation analysis

It is carried out after the HACCP system implementation. It will indicate if what was planned theoretically is applicable in practice to daily work, and if not, it focuses in the changes that need to be applied to make it so.

3. Follow-up analysis

Is the analysis that is performed after a certain period of time since the implementation of the HACCP system, to evaluate the results. At SAIA we recommend to carry out periodic follow-up food analysis to keep the quality manual alive and adapt it to new challenges that may arise. It is especially important in companies with different work centers, in which cases SAIA carries out comparative evaluation of the results in each one of them or graphical comparisons of results over time.

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