Food safety audit & HACCP consulting in Barcelona

At SAIA we support food, catering and retail businesses in maximizing food and water safety levels.

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Auditorías alimentarias

Food industry consultants

At SAIA we perform diagnosis audits to set objectives and methods, validation audits after implementing the HACCP system and follow-up audits to verify if the system works. We also perform specific audits, such as allergies or food intolerance audits

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Plan APPCC alérgenos

HACCP plan

European legislation requires the food industry to create, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on HACCP principles, to prevent biological, chemical and physical hazards in the food supply chain, to safeguard food and water safety.

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Asesoría en legislación alimentaria

Food safety compliance consulting

At SAIA, we provide our customers updated information on current legal provisions affecting their product, their labeling and advertising, their production and warehousing facilities, their transportation and their control, as well as any changes in law that may be published.

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Guía de sostenibilidad alimentaria

Consultancy in sustainability and waste reduction

We adapt your business processes to be more sustainable and efficient, thus saving money, reducing environmental impact, enhancing the corporate image of the company, and, of course, complying with regulations. At SAIA, we have a specialized division in this field in collaboration with Zostera Consultancy.

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Estándar GFSI

Attainment of GFSI certification

The food chain transcends borders, and the GFSI certification scheme at an international level is increasingly used and demanded in the food sector. At SAIA, we audit and certify companies seeking GFSI certification through our collaboration with the prestigious consultancy in food quality and safety, Mònica Saltor.

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Legislación alimentaria

Customized training services

We design tailored training for workers according to the profile and needs of each food company, which can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation in social security contributions: food handling, labelling, allergies and intolerances, food waste, etc.

Over 20 years advising on food hygiene

SAIA began its journey over 20 years ago with the aim of helping the food sector comply with all food and water safety requirements. Throughout this time, we have worked with restaurants, hotels, caterers, the retail sector (bakeries, butchers, etc.), and the food industry to implement the HACCP system, conduct audits, training, or provide advice on food legislation.

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More and more, we want safe food

Any activity involving the handling of food and/or water carries the risk of contamination at a physical, chemical, or biological level at some point in the supply chain (preparation, including packaging and distribution). That's why it's essential to identify, assess, and prevent those risks to safeguard the quality of the final product.

Platos preparados

Why do they choose us?


Our expert staff is fully qualified in the biohealth sector -food technologists, chemists, biologists, etc.) with proven experience in health and food hygiene consultancy.


At SAIA we know that each client has different characteristics, needs and infrastructure, so our task is based on the knowledge of all of them to adapt to their needs.

Tailored service

At SAIA we assign each client a project manager with whom he will be in constant contact at every step of the implementation process of any food safety plan.

A winning project built of strategic alliances

SAIA is part of the BASS Global Consulting, a result of the alliance with ACONSA (analysis and microbiology), BDN (technological solutions for formulation, processes and final product) and Serviclip (materials and instruments). Together, we can provide our customers comprehensive solutions.