Menu evaluation and nutritional assessment for catering businesses

At SAIA we know that catering services want to provide more and better services every day, that is why we offer collegiate dietitians and nutritionists that perform menu evaluation and design varied menus, balanced and adapted to the nutritional needs of each group.

A value-added service

The current demands of legislation and consumers, who are looking for products that are healthier and of a higher quality, make catering companies of all kinds (school or business canteens, student or elderly residences, caterers, restaurant chains, etc.) look for value-added services to make their businesses more competitive.

A menu for every need

Menu evaluation and nutritional assessment is especially necessary in companies wanting to care for the specific needs of different groups, such as children, elderly people, diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, kosher, halal, gluten free, people with allergies, people who need soft diet, among others, so that all of them can have a healthy diet, balanced and according to the current legislation.

What is menu evaluation for businesses?

At SAIA we help catering companies to offer better services with three basic lines of action:

  • Evaluation and validation of the preparations in existing menus
  • Design and preparation of healthy menus, balanced and adapted to the needs of each group
  • Food treatment and cooking counseling to preserve their nutritional properties
  • Nutritional planning

Did you know that...?

Menu evaluation and nutritional assessment contributes to better nutrition of children and elderly people, workers, etc., improving school and work performance and ultimately the quality of life. That is why more and more companies are turning to it.

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