Food allergies training course in Barcelona

Food allergies training course in Barcelona

The current regulation establishes that any establishment that offers meals, unpackaged or packaged foods at the request of the consumer or prepared dishes of immediate sale is responsible for having a system that allows them to inform their customers about the possible allergens present in their dishes or products, with the corresponding sanction in case of non-compliance. That is why it is very important that companies devote resources to the fulfillment of the training requirements of these workers.

Food allergies training course features

El curso de alergias alimentarias e intolerancias en SAIA sigue un programa completamente actualizado, con elevado contenido práctico, impartido por profesionales altamente cualificados y con experiencia en el sector.

Food allergies training course at SAIA follows a completely updated program with a high practical content, taught by fully qualified professionals with experience in this sector.

Start dateTo be agreed with the interested company
Duration (in hours)To be agreed with the interested company
Teaching methodIn a classroom
TeacherIrene Molinos
A quién va dirigidoToda persona que, por su actividad laboral, tiene contacto directo o indirecto con alimentos y ya dispone de unos conocimientos previos en seguridad alimentaria y necesite profundizar en alergias e intolerancias alimentarias
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Goals and program of the food allergies training course

  • Introduction (the allergen plan, legal regulations -European Regulation 1169/2011-)
  • Allergies and food intolerances (adverse reactions to food, what is an allergy?, substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances, allergy symptomatology, allergy treatment, most common food intolerances, good practices in handling -menu design, suppliers, reception and storage of raw materials, preparation of food- and good practices in service)
  • Consumer information (communication to the client and how to offer the information)

Official certificate valid throughout Spain

With the food allergies training course offered by SAIA, food handlers will obtain the certificate that complies with current regulations as established in the European Regulation 1169/2011.

The food business: responsible for training in allergies and intolerances

Companies employing workers who serve meals (bars, cafeterias, restaurants, school canteens, etc.), unpackaged or packaged foods at the consumer's request (cold meats, breads, sandwiches, cakes, prepared dishes or other foods in bulk), immediate food products ('churrerías', french fries, fránkfurts, etc.), must inform their customers about the presence in their products of cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, milk or others that have been identified by the European Union as the cause of the majority of food allergies in Europe and which are included in Royal Decree 26/2015 on food information provided to the consumer.

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