Food allergies training course in Barcelona

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Irene Molinos

About this course

The current regulation establishes that any establishment that offers meals, unpackaged or packaged foods at the request of the consumer or prepared dishes of immediate sale is responsible for having a system that allows them to inform their customers about the possible allergens present in their dishes or products, with the corresponding sanction in case of non-compliance. That is why it is very important that companies devote resources to the fulfillment of the training requirements of these workers.

Food allergies training course at SAIA follows a completely updated program with a high practical content, taught by fully qualified professionals with experience in this sector.

All courses are taught in Catalan or Spanish. For other options, please inquire.

Who is this course for?

Any person who, due to their job role, has direct or indirect contact with food and already possesses some prior knowledge in food safety and needs to delve deeper into food allergies and intolerances.

Course program overview

  • Introduction

    The allergen plan, legal regulations (European Regulation 1169/2011)

  • Allergies and food intolerances

    Adverse reactions to food, what is an allergy?, substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances, allergy symptomatology, allergy treatment, most common food intolerances, good practices in handling -menu design, suppliers, reception and storage of raw materials, preparation of food- and good practices in service.

  • Consumer information

    Communication to the client and how to offer the information.

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