About us

SAIA stands for Seguretat Alimentària i Seguretat de l'Aigua. Our goal as a food safety company is to support food industry, catering and retail businesses to improve food and water safety levels.

Prevention, key element in food businesses

Any activity engaging food and/or water handling in any food business is exposed to biological, chemical or physical hazards at some point of the supply chain (preparation, including packaging and distribution).

At SAIA we offer all kind of services that aim to target, evaluate and prevent these hazards and thus safeguard the quality of the final product, whether food or any good for consumption that has been in contact with water at any stage of the process. That is why our main clients are the food industry, caterings, retail and food transport businesses, among others.

What do we aim to achieve together?

Our challenge is to generate in our clients an innate concern for the implementation of food quality systems and for achieving security and confidence in their performance, as well as achieve long-term economic savings through an optimal use of their resources.

We take advantage of strategic opportunities

SAIA has grown thanks to strategic alliances, such as the merger by acquisition with the Asesoría Catalana de Higiene Alimentaria (Catalan Food Hygiene Adviser), a reference entity in sectors such as bakery, with workslike the elaboration of a guide In 2003 to ensure the safety of bakery products and the creation of an advisory tool aimed at this sector's staff, which helps in the implementation of self-control measures in food safety, as required by the corresponding regulations.

We are biosanitary experts

At SAIA we have highly qualified biosanitary professionals with extensive experience in the food industry, who are in charge of providing quality systems and adapting them to the specific characteristics and needs of the client, implementing integral and effective food safety plans.

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