Curso online de manipulación de alimentos + Protocolo de prevención COVID19

Food handlers training in Barcelona

The current legislation establishes that the food company is responsible for supervising and training food handlers, with the appropriate sanctions in case of non-compliance. That is why it is very important that the company devotes resources to the fulfillment of the training requirements of these workers.

Food handlers training course features

Due to the current health emergency situation of COVID-19 the food handlers training course at SAIA will be done online following a completely updated program with a high practical content, taught by fully qualified professionals with experience in this sector. The class will be taught through Zoom with the aim of following the same class that we usually do face-to-face. A certificate of attendance will be sent via email.

Start date21/07/2022
Duration (in hours)3 (09:30Am-12:30pm)
ModalityOnline (by videoconference with Zoom)
TeacherLaura Gascón
Who it is addressed toAny person who, through his work, has direct contact with food during its preparation, manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, sale, supply and service.

Goals and program of the food handlers training course

The SAIA's food handlers training course aims to train food handlers on the aforementioned food safety standards, according to current legislation.

  • Sensitize food handlers on the importance of avoiding food contamination.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of following good food handling practices.
  • Establish correct work guidelines.
  • Be able to analyze the different variables that may have caused a punctual or repetitive problem and establish corrective measures.

Official certificate valid throughout Spain

With the food handlers training course offered by SAIA, food handlers will obtain the certificate that complies with current regulations as established in Royal Decree 109/2010 and European Regulation 852/2004.

The company: responsible for its food handlers' training

Companies employing workers who, through their work, have direct contact with food during its preparation, manufacturing, processing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, distribution, sale, supply and service, must provide their workers with continuing training and periodic report on food hygiene to ensure the safety and food hygiene of this whole process. The regulations governing food handling are EC Regulation 852/2004 and Royal Decree 109/2010.

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